Strategies Designed to Ensure You're A Step Ahead


Duration:    Full-Day

Audience:  Senior leadership team

Synopsis:  You’ve seen them!  When they walk into a room, you know immediately they are transformational leaders because the neon sign over their heads flash, “intelligent, thoughtful, inspirational, change agent, and role model.”  What about the rest of us?  Can we dare aspire to become transformational leaders?  Absolutely!!  Gain insights into the behaviors, values and beliefs that create transformational leaders.  

Session will cover:

  • Gaining more self-awareness for leadership effectiveness
  • Recognizing how your unique combination of strengths can help you in your current position
  • Improving your skills and knowledge to sharpen your strengths
  • Knowing more about the strengths of others
  • Donating your strengths to the team whenever possible.
  • Recognizing behaviors, values and beliefs of transformational leaders
  • Analyzing your leadership style for impact
  • Understanding possible barriers to leadership effectiveness

How Session Will Engage the Participants:

  • Interactive learning through lecture and discussion
  • PowerPoint slides and internet video
  • Brief Leadership Style survey tool
  • Problem solving opportunities through small group breakouts
  • Up to 3 team-building exercises, time permitting
  • Reflection and self-evaluation will conclude the session.