Here's a testimonial that speaks to the benefits of a strengths-based approach:

"I wanted to touch base with you and give you an update on my progress. Working through the exercises you gave me was a big help. As I thought about my strengths and examples of them in my professional life, and my mission and values it brought me a new perspective.

I began to realize that while I love PR there was nothing in my mission or values that necessitated that career field. I also realized that some of my most successful or productive professional moments were far more aligned with project management.

At the same time that we were working together, I also took on a new volunteer role with a national women's hiking organization. I love my work there! My role is all about community building, both in terms of size and quality of internal relationships. This volunteer work satisfies a lot of my PR desires. That also made me question where PR could fit in my life. In other volunteer work, I've always gravitated towards project management or financial roles.

Before we worked together I would have said I gravitated towards those roles simply because I saw a need, but now I realize it had just as much to do with what my strengths are.

So, I have decided to switch my professional and volunteer interests. I have accepted a new position as a Sr. Subcontract Administrator with large government contracting firm. The company is in the early stages of launching a new business line and I think that job & start-up environment will be a good fit. I will keep PR as my volunteer specialty and I think that will give me much more satisfaction. I also know that in whatever professional role I have, I will always view things as a communication challenge first.

Thank you for your help along the way. I learned a lot about myself and am certain I would not have been able to properly evaluate my professional life without your coaching."       

                                     S. Boyce - South Carolina

"Warmth and friendliness and the absolute belief that I (the client) am capable of solving the issues. Very strong focus on moving ahead towards the client's goal. Referenced back to what I said at the outset,"

Whenever I’m overwhelmed, CPR’s coaching style instantly creates an encouraging, sensitive and caring place for me to take a breath. And then, with her intuitive, laser sharp focus, she allows me space to create clarity--that empowers me to cut through the clutter in my life and take charge, re-energized.”

                                 T. Williams - New York, NY

Coaching Approach

Cheryl is passionate about helping executives stay on track and remain a step ahead.  Her coaching approach helps clients deeply explore what’s needed for success at any level and how their current beliefs and behaviors impact their personal and professional goals.

Most clients want to learn how to shape their own personal brand and capitalize on their unique qualities and talents for a successful career. She enjoys coaching from one’s strengths and combines powerful tools to bring insights that inform strategies and actions to support professional goals.

Cheryl’s ideal client is ready for change and is seeking a safe place to explore and address key issues and concerns for endless possibilities.

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Cheryl has more than 25 years as an executive coach with experience using Strengthsfinder, DiSC, MBTI, Leaders Dashboard, and a variety of 360 assessments and coaching tools.

"I didn't know what to expect from coaching but I was very pleased with Cheryl's approach. I appreciate that she starts with focusing on strengths. That's very contrary to a lot of professional advice. I appreciated this approach because it freed me from chasing perfectionism. It also gave me a new outlook on how I could build my career."

"I think Cheryl's greatest strength as a coach is her ability to get to the root of any discussion. This makes every conversation more productive."

“Cheryl is a powerhouse! She’s experienced, confident, clear, articulate, but willing to listen and accommodate, adaptable. Above all, I felt she was committed to me as a client, and to my success. It was fabulous working with her; I’m extremely pleased to have had the opportunity.”
                             D. Huisken, United Kingdom

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