Strategies Designed to Ensure You're A Step Ahead

Strategic planning is unquestionably, one of the most powerful management tools available to help an organization strengthen its commitment to its mission and vision.

The ideal strategic planning committee represents a cross-section of the organization that is uniquely positioned to be the expert drivers of the strategic planning process. There are many formats available for the strategic planning process.  We will work with the core team to select the best process based on organizational culture, resources, market demands and competition.

As your facilitator for the strategic planning process, Cheryl acts as a neutral chairperson and manages all meetings.  She works closely with the core team to plan agendas, meeting logistics and other details.  As part of any pre-work, she will meet with the entire committee to provide a brief presentation on strategic planning and meeting dynamics.  She will also conduct and present the results of any assessments and interviews. Cheryl has led or been part of more than 20 strategic planning processes over her 38-year career. 


  • Evaluate the relevance of the organization—identify any trends, internal and external policies, or competitors that may impact the current positioning of the organization.

  • Identify any strategic issues, operational issues, situations that could impact the organization’s successful execution of a new strategic plan. its
  • identify opportunities for enhancing the organization’s brand among its audiences and expanding to new audiences and developing partnerships.
  • Develop three to five strategic goals for the strategic plan.
  • Complete the strategic planning process by the date determined by the core team.

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Strategic Planning