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Speaker Topics

Cheryl Procter-Rogers is a sought-after lecturer, keynote and motivational speaker to professional groups, corporate teams, and students throughout the world on many subjects. Drawing from her 40+ years of experience in communications, executive coaching and management, Cheryl will share proven strategies for success with an inspirational style.  Presentations and workshops are interactive, can be presented in-person or online and will be tailored to the audience. Additional topics are available.

Sample Keynote Speech Topics:

Elevator Pitch 3.0 - The biggest mistake made by managers and leaders is taking too long to answer the question, “what do you do” or “what does your company do”? You have just seven seconds to make a first impression. Every word must count. A well-crafted pitch can be used in a variety of scenarios to generate interest and extend the conversation. It is a 20-30 second mini speech that leaves the listener wanting to know more!  This workshop takes a deeper dive into the world of elevator pitches, allowing the participants to craft and practice pitches for several scenarios.

Effective Communications:  Communication is central to all aspects of life. It’s a critical skill for maintaining your personal as well as professional relationships. Effective communication builds trust, establishes credibility and lays the foundation for great leadership. Great leaders are great communicators and use effective strategies to get the outcomes they want. The competitive landscape in which we operate calls for more effective communications strategies to manage reputations, avoid miscues and minimize misperceptions--especially during a crisis. In addition, executives seeking a proven strategy to transform their organizations understand the value of effective communication and embrace it with winning results. This workshop explores a variety of communications strategies, including feedback, avoiding toxic language, emotional intelligence and more. 

Transformational Leadership - You've seen them!  When they walk into a room, you know immediately they are transformational leaders because the neon sign over their heads flash, “intelligent, thoughtful, inspirational, change agent, role model.” What about the rest of us?  Can we dare aspire to become transformational leaders? Absolutely!!  Gain insights into the behaviors, values and beliefs that create transformational leaders.

Become a Trusted Advisor in 30 Days or Less – To become a trusted advisor, one must have at the ready--goal-setting tools, be familiar with strategic planning and know how to plan actions and help move an executive forward during change. Often, executives are feeling a loss of power and control, are overloaded with current responsibilities and need a trusted advisor to share intimate details of his/her fears, unfiltered ideas and other thoughts about the company, family, co-workers and subordinates.  During this workshop, you’ll learn the behaviors required to build trust quickly and position yourself as a trusted member of the senior leadership team.  ​

From Risk to Readiness – Scenario planning helps make an organization more nimble and responsive when the unexpected happens. Scenario planning is an effective way to anticipate future outcomes based on trends, assumptions, and new or emerging risk events across the organization. Being surprised by and/or mishandling a crisis can affect a company’s reputation, integrity, credibility and, in severe cases, can disrupt or stop business altogether.  The workshop explores how to use this tool to get a seat at the leadership table and ensure the organization is ready for most uncertainties.