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Workshop Title:    From Risk to Readiness: Scenario Planning as a Tool for Your Leadership Strategies

 Duration: 90-Minutes

Audience:  Senior Leadership Team

Workshop Synopsis:  One of the most important roles of the leadership team is to provide a framework for employees to identify and manage risks to their operations. This workshop is for the leaders looking to strengthen their communications strategies and crisis communications plan. Scenario planning helps make an organization more nimble and responsive when the unexpected happens. Scenario planning is an effective way to anticipate future outcomes based on trends, assumptions, and new or emerging risk events across the organization. Being surprised by and/or mishandling a crisis can affect a company’s reputation, integrity, credibility and, in severe cases, can disrupt or stop business altogether.  The workshop explores how to use this tool to ensure the organization is ready for most uncertainties.
Participant Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn proven frameworks for conducting scenario planning to mitigate risks.
  2. Explore how to make the case for taking the lead and integrating this tool into the strategic planning process and crisis communications plan. 
  3. Better understand the relationship between an organization’s effectiveness and strategic risk management, based on the latest in scholarly research.
  4. Understand best practices for risk management through relevant case studies in a variety of business sectors.
  5. Understand the role of communications in going beyond the SWOT analysis and Enterprise Risk Management Integrated Framework.