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Emotional intelligence (EI) impacts every aspect of our lives and until the 1990s, we didn’t know much about it until researchers found that 90 percent of an employee’s performance effectiveness is attributed to how well one manages their emotions and workplace relationships.  Read More

How to Become a Transformational Leadership

You’ve seen them!  When they walk into a room, you know immediately they are transformational leaders because the neon sign over their heads flash, “intelligent, thoughtful, inspirational, change agent, and role model.”  What about the rest of us?  Can we dare aspire to become transformational leaders?  Absolutely!!  Gain insights into the behaviors, values and beliefs that create transformational leaders.                                                                                                                                                                               Read More

Become a Trusted Advisor in 30 Days or Less

Change is constant and requires a workforce of change agents. To successfully navigate this terrain, senior executives must create a vision for the future, manage risks, challenge assumptions and embrace change as the new normal. There is abundant research to support the fact that change is a critical driver of organizational success. The public relations professional is uniquely qualified to serve as a change agent and trusted leadership adviser to senior executives.To become a trusted leadership adviser, one must build trust and credibility quickly! Learn how through an interactive workshop led by one our industry’s most dynamic public relations consultants and seasoned executive coaches.   Read More


Leaders are faced with both internal and external forces of change which makes managing all stakeholders challenging.  Every industry is experiencing a transformation that is driven by changes in population demographics, consumer rights, technology, globalization, regulation and public policy. These challenges impact business success. The senior leadership team is responsible for implementing change strategies and modeling the behaviors and values required to support the company's mission and goals.  Often this is accomplished in an environment that is uncertain, complex and often ambiguous.  Navigating this ever-changing terrain requires leaders to work from their strengths.     Read More

From Risk to Readiness: Scenario Planning as a Tool for Your PR Strategies

One of the most important roles of the leadership team is to provide a framework for employees to identify and manage risks to their operations. This workshop is for the leaders looking to strengthen their communications strategies and crisis communications plan. Scenario planning helps make an organization more nimble and responsive when the unexpected happens.     Read More

Advanced Communication Skills and Tools

Communication is central to all aspects of life. It’s a critical skill for maintaining your personal as well as professional relationships. Effective communication builds trust, establishes credibility and lays the foundation for great leadership.  Participants will explore a variety of communications strategies, including feedback, avoiding toxic language and more.   Read More

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