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Workshop Title:  Become a Trusted Advisor 

Duration: 90 Minutes

Audience:  Mid-Level to Senior Managers

Synopsis:  Change is constant and requires a workforce of change agents. To successfully navigate this terrain, senior executives must create a vision for the future, manage risks, challenge assumptions and embrace change as the new normal. There is abundant research to support the fact that change is a critical driver of organizational success.

To become a trusted adviser, one must have at the ready: goal-setting tools, be familiar with strategic planning and know how to plan actions and help move an executive forward during change. Often, executives are feeling a loss of power and control, are overloaded with current responsibilities and need a trusted adviser to share intimate details of his/her fears, unfiltered ideas and other thoughts about the company, family, co-workers and subordinates.

During this workshop, you’ll learn the behaviors required to build trust quickly and position yourself as a trusted member of the senior leadership team. We’ll explore the principles of relationship management, assertiveness, how to complement the leadership style of executive(s), and how to create a safe and supportive environment through presence and observation. Learn to identify trends, model new ideas and prepare “what if” scenarios. Apply your strengths to maximize your role as trusted adviser. Ask powerful questions that create “aha!” moments. Transform your role in your organization or with your clients.

Session Outcomes:

  • Describe proven models to build trust and credibility in key relationships.
  • Apply strengths to begin to transition role to a trusted leadership adviser.
  • Create a safe and supportive environment through presence and observations.
  • Transform role in the organization or with clients.