Strategies Designed to Ensure You're A Step Ahead

Speaker Topics

Cheryl Procter-Rogers is a sought-after lecturer, keynote and motivational speaker to professional groups, corporate teams, and students throughout the world on many subjects. Drawing from her 38+ years of experience in communications, executive coaching and management, Cheryl will share proven strategies for success with an inspirational style.  Presentations can be tailored to the need of any audience.

Sample Keynote Speech Topics:

Career-Building Strategies - This presentation will include strategies on how to build credibility, expand your network and
create a work, life balance. The presenter will explore the personal qualifications needed for success at any level and how you apply them to reach your career goals. Topics covered include: Aligning your Values and Beliefs with your employer or client; the Self Assessment and the Personality Fit; redefining leadership for today's dynamic marketplace. Thinking
outside the box is critical to success in today’s business world, so strengthening effective leadership skills and driving innovation give you an advantage. Learn to flex your leadership muscle and drive innovation to meet consumer needs and achieve higher overall return on investment.

Personal Branding:  A Step-By-Step Approach - Explore the personal qualifications needed for success at any level and how your personal brand impacts your personal and professional relationships. Learn to shape your own personal brand and capitalize on your unique qualities and talents for success.

Transformational Leadership - You've seen them!  When they walk into a room, you know immediately they are transformational leaders because the neon sign over their heads flash, “intelligent, thoughtful, inspirational, change agent, role model.” What about the rest of us?  Can we dare aspire to become transformational leaders? Absolutely!!  Gain insights into the behaviors, values and beliefs that create transformational leaders.

Secrets for Work, Life Balance – When it comes to work, life balance, we can do it all, we can have it all, but not without a plan and a commitment to changing how we allocate our most valuable resource—our time! Consider the value of creating balance by investing in what Cheryl has coined, the four C’s to create harmony, less stress, and get more done.

Having the Life You Want– Identify your personal passions, explore what is holding you back and leave this session energized and with a plan to begin working toward the life you want.