What is a Coach?
  • A Sounding Board
  • Provides Perspective
  • A Strategic Partner 
  • Accountability Partner




Assess - 360 degree assessments, performance reviews
one-on-one feedback help to identify your strengths,

challenges and opportunities.

Set Goals -  What would you like to achieve?  The coach  

helps you create awareness and bring clarity to what's

holding you back and explore your personal and professional goals.

Create Action Plan - You and the coach co-create an action plan

tailored for you that will include self-observation exercises, tools, and activities

to create new habits and behaviors.

​Coach to Plan - The coach provides accountability and follow-up.  Situational barriers that emerge during the coaching engagement are resolved to faciliate change.

Achieve - The coach helps you celebrate as you achieve your goals. We'll plan how you will sustain your growth and development in a post-coaching environment.


  • We begin with a 30-minute confidential coaching conversation to discover if we're a good fit.
  • If we proceed, we execute an agreement and settle on fees and terms of payment.
  • We commit to a fixed period of time, usually of  3-6 months.  Of course, there are times when leaders need to develop skills and get results immediately.  In this case, we offer situational coaching services.
  • Goals for the coaching engagement are established in the first coaching session.
  • The coaching engagement typically includes one-hour calls or internet meetings per month, as well as email check-ins and occasional phone check-ins as necessary to review progress.
  • All conversations are confidential, including the initial 30-minute exploration conversation.

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Our mission is to create a safe place where leaders can be inspired to improve their leadership skills and achieve measurable results.

Our Coaching Process

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